Tax working groups: how can they help you?

Working groups are the engine rooms of Praxity – channelling insight, relaying developments in technology and regulation, and helping professionals forge collaborations. In this and subsequent editions of HUBLite, we will highlight how each working group can help you better fulfil your clients’ needs.

Praxity’s tax working groups are busier than ever helping member firms navigate new challenges and opportunities and encouraging active participation in conferences.

There are two main tax groups: the Global Tax Working Group and the North American International Tax Working Group. Each group is made up of experts from member firms who provide targeted support to tax professionals within the Alliance, share best practice and assist with cross border projects.

To provide even greater focus, the Global Tax group has several regional sub-committees (North America, Mexico and South America, Africa, Europe and Asia Pacific) as well as technical groups (Transfer Pricing, Core International Tax, Private Client Service, Global Mobility and Indirect Tax/VAT).

Sharing expertise

The tax groups constantly monitor developments and offer insight and advice to help individuals in member firms ensure they can provide their clients with up-to-date world tax changes that can impact their business. The groups facilitate knowledge sharing, networking and cross-firm collaboration.

Kellie Becker, Partner, International Tax Services, Plante Moran, who chairs the Global Tax Working Group, explains: “We have a monthly call and we reach out to members to participate as much as possible. They bring up different issues; it may be a technical item such as transfer pricing or an issue relating to a market or economy in a particular country. Much of the focus is on conferences; we ask people what they want to spend time on and encourage members to come forward to speak on specialist subjects. This includes planning and implementing an annual Global Tax Conference in Europe for more than 250 professionals from members firms to build relationships and knowledge.”

Among the hottest issues currently under discussion among the Global Tax group members are: Pillar One and Pillar Two (the OECD/G20 framework for changing international tax rules); global minimum tax; the Inflation Reduction Act in the U.S.; creditability of foreign taxes; and cloud-based transactions.

The North American International Tax Committee is very active and is responsible for organising the annual North American International Tax Conference, one of the largest and most respected tax conferences of its kind. The next one will be held in New Orleans (November 9-11) and attracts both Praxity member firms’ experts but also younger practitioners and clients.

The North American committee is aligned to a separate SALT (State and Local Taxes) group which focuses specifically on the U.S. and has a tighter remit, including local and national government policies, canvassing business opinions and responding to white papers, while subgroups regularly consult on sector-specific challenges.

Building great relationships

Justin Stenberg, International Tax Partner, FORVIS, who chairs the North American International Tax Working Group, says an important element of each group is enabling likeminded people to come together and develop great relationships, which is what Praxity is all about.

“I have always believed Praxity provides a platform for accounting professionals to work together to provide high quality client service. Through the tax working groups, I can establish a strong working relationship and rapport with my counterparts in other countries where my clients have needs and where there is a shared vision and approach. Likewise, if one of my counterparts’ clients has a need, my counterpart in a particular tax group can approach me and we can build a mutually beneficial relationship.”

Commenting on the other benefits of being part of the North American group, he says: “Our primary objective is to plan and execute the annual North American International Tax Conference, now in its 10th year and includes over 400 participants worldwide.”

Stressing the importance of getting involved in this and other tax groups, he says: “The more active participation, the more value we can create for Praxity member firms.”

Extra support

Praxity has teamed up with the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (IBFD) after receiving requests from the Global Tax Steering Committee for country-specific guides. The IBFD produce over 100 country-specific tax guides for firms in the Alliance to refer to and share with clients. Alongside rigorously researched data and guidance on business investment, individual and corporate rates and regulations, these user-friendly booklets also feature background information about the socio-demographics, economy, culture and distinctive business characteristics of each country.

You can access these Tax Guides here or contact for more information.

Want to join a tax group?

Praxity tax working groups are always looking for new members, especially tax professionals from younger generations and new member firms. Africa, Asia Pacific and to a lesser extent Europe have less representation at present and there is a desire to achieve a more even spread of members worldwide. Membership is open to individuals from any firm and joining is easy. Please visit your ‘My site’ profile or contact