Praxity launches video series on the hottest issues in accountancy

Praxity is ramping up its content for member firms with a series of exclusive interviews with accounting leaders and influencers.

The videos provide short, straight-talking and informative exchanges on the complex challenges member firms and their clients face in the post-covid world. The series provide a fresh and entertaining way to find out what’s happening in the Alliance and the biggest issues impacting member firms and their clients. It gives Praxity a platform to share successes, strategy and examples of international collaboration among member firms. The series kicks off with a high-level discussion between Praxity Chairman Phil Verity, Vice-Chairman Matt Snow and CEO Sam Louis on the new era for the Alliance and member firms worldwide and the key forces driving change. These challenges include how to engage with the new generation of accounting professionals, how to deal with new regulation, and how to adapt to changes in the way people work and do business. In follow-up videos, Phil, Matt and Sam tackle specific challenges impacting the Alliance and its member firms including:

  • The modern workplace
  • Changing client expectations
  • How best to help member firms
  • The way forward for the Alliance

As the series unfolds, leading experts around the world will discuss the big disruptors impacting the profession including ESG reporting and how to respond to cybersecurity threats posed by hybrid working.

Authentic and compelling

The videos are being hosted by Rob Brown, a renowned chair and professional interviewer in the accounting and fintech profession, co-host of the popular ‘Accounting Influencers’ podcast and author of the bestselling book ‘Build Your Reputation’. Known for his direct but personable approach, Rob has a knack of getting his interviewees to open up and speak passionately about the topics that matter most to accounting professionals. He describes the video exchanges as “real people telling real stories with passion, personality and authenticity”. He says it provides an outlet for the many incredible things happening within Praxity and its member firms, adding: “Ultimately, I want people to tell their Praxity story.”

Importantly, as an objective, independent standpoint, Rob will not shy away from asking tough questions around fees, talent, diversity, sustainability, and Praxity’s plans in various regions. He explains: “My job is to create compelling content by interviewing people at the coalface. It’s a new format in a way. It’s a bit raw and it’s a bit different and that’s what makes it exciting.”

Working with member firms

Rob already works with several member firms in the Alliance, including Shorts in the UK. Andy Irvine, Shorts Managing Partner, says:

“I have been a subscriber of Rob Brown’s Accounting Influencers podcast for quite some time and regularly enjoy listening to the show’s interesting, thought-provoking content and discussions with industry experts".

Access to the videos?

The videos will be highlighted on Channel Praxity, the Praxity website and social media channels, make sure you follow us on LinkedIn to keep up with the latest news and insights from Praxity.

On behalf of Praxity by Ian Lavis thewritingroom