The Praxity pitch deck to help you win business

Make your business pitches ‘pop’ with Praxity’s new sales tool

Praxity is developing a powerful new sales aid to help participant firms clinch business deals.

The new tool – a series of PowerPoint slides on how your firm adds value through collaboration within the Alliance – is designed to help get sales pitches over the line. The slides push the super-strong partner relationships that give Praxity participant firms a leading edge, empowering business globally. Sleekly designed and containing impactful content, the slides can easily be branded and slotted into existing PowerPoint presentations or used as a standalone presentation. Each slide contains a powerful message to reinforce how participant firms can tap into specialist expertise from trusted professionals anywhere in the world.

The personal touch

The presentation has been created by Praxity’s creative team and a member firm task force to make pitches ‘pop’ by highlighting the value of being part of the world’s largest alliance of independent accounting and consulting firms. It’s not just about being able to help clients globally. It’s about the seamless, friendly and highly personalised approach to solving client challenges through collaboration. Also, demonstrating how your firm can, and will, benefit the prospect. To help participant firms convert the presentation into business, the Praxity team is also creating a ‘how to’ guide providing useful tips on what to expand on when making a sales pitch to demonstrate how collaborating with professionals across the Alliance provides a truly bespoke approach to meeting client needs. For more details, please contact Praxity’s Head of Business Development, Deborah Poulter, on

Pitch deck coming soon!