How does Praxity add value? Read our new case studies

Praxity has launched a new series of case studies to showcase how membership of the alliance helps firms connect, grow and provide better services.

The success stories provide a snapshot of how the Praxity model of international collaboration works in practice for associates, affiliates and members.

In each case study, Managing Partners and accounting and audit leaders explain how they overcame business challenges by tapping into unrivalled knowledge and expertise under the Praxity umbrella.

The firms featured in our current series are:


Their stories demonstrate the value of being able to connect and collaborate seamlessly with accounting professionals in different countries to provide broader and better services for international clients.

Among the successful outcomes are joint working initiatives, access to global expertise, acquisition of knowledge and new skills, and greater support for local clients with international operations.

Here’s what accounting leaders in our featured firms say:

“If I compare the cost of Praxity membership to the fees generated by international referral work, we have probably had a return of 20 times.”

Andy Irvine, Managing Partner, Shorts

“We are not required to work together; we choose to work together. This creates a different dynamic.”

Maruf Raza, Partner and National Director of Public Companies, MNP

“It gives us a feeling of belonging and guarantees us a competitive advantage in the Ukrainian market.”

Iryna Igumnova, General Director, Kyiv Audit Group

“We always want to serve our colleagues well and send referrals to quality firms. Praxity enables us to do this.”

Wesley Figueira, Managing Partner, VBR Brasil

“We joined Praxity to ‘open the world’ to Talenz Axe Conseils and Talenz Groupe Fidorg. The goal has been reached.”

Richard Petit, Managing Partner, Talenz Axe Conseils

“It’s a very good solution. The quality of services is excellent and our clients are satisfied.”

Yossi Sapir, Partner and Manager of the Financial and Business Consultant Department, Brit Pikuach

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