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Praxity Conferences in 2020 & 2021

2020’s Virtual Conferences

Virtual North American International Tax Conference 16th- 20th November 2020

Global Tax & Fiscal Conference

London, UK

16—18 May 2021

Park Plaza

North American Tax Conference

New Orleans, USA

20—22 October 2021

The Roosevelt

Global Conference

New Orleans, USA

24—27 October 2021

The Ritz-Carlton

Praxity Covid-19 Webinar Series

About the webinars

Praxity is providing extra online resources to help member firms understand and respond to the rapidly changing tax and business landscape. The series kicked off on June 17th with an update on the USA followed by an update on the UK, Mexico, Germany, Australia, China and Canada. These webinars were hosted live however due to their success they are also available to members in the portal area.

Praxity Covid-19 Podcasts

About the Podcasts

Praxity Podcast is designed to provide useful accounting, financial, and regulatory information to members from experts around the world. This podcast offers insights and thought leadership from our top-notch professionals.

Praxity Covid-19 Brochure

About the Brochure

The information contained herein on Covid-19 government measures within the G20, consists solely of information that can be found on the websites of one or more Praxity Participant firms, and has not been written, modified or verified by Praxity, it’s staff, officers or directors. Connections to the relevant part of the websites of all Praxity Participant firms in each individual country within the G20 are available at the bottom of that country’s summary page.

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