The importance of being Alert

We asked you what you think of the weekly Praxity ‘Alert’. Find out the response and how we plan to make our online news updates even better.

The good news is you like the way Praxity keeps you informed. The better news is we are taking on board your feedback to make our weekly ‘Alert’ essential reading for you and your team.

We ask. You respond. We act.

Praxity Alert – the weekly email update containing important news and events for member firms – is to be improved following valuable feedback from readers around the world. More than 200 professionals in Praxity member firms worldwide took part in our recent user survey. You told us you like the Alert but it could be even more user-friendly. Below is a summary of the survey findings and the action Praxity Executive Office is taking to make the Alert as informative and easy to read as possible. The survey results reveal most respondents read the Alert each week, indicating the content is relevant. Comments were wide-ranging but the improvements you would like to see most are: - More Praxity-focused content - Better design - Easier navigation

More news about Praxity

The majority of respondents are happy with the mix of content in the Alert, our survey reveals. However, a significant number of you would like to see more Praxity-related news, especially updates on member firms and how these firms are partnering to benefit clients operating across international borders. Some respondents are keen on more news about international tax and regulatory issues, and technical support, although it is worth noting that tax issues are featured in the fortnightly ‘Tax Blast’.

Comments Include:

‘More discussion about how Praxity firms work together to serve cross-border client relationships’ ‘News about Praxity firms, technical updates, pictures from conferences’ ‘I would like to see more interaction, bulletins or articles from Praxity members.’

Praxity Executive Office will be working on integrating these themes into the weekly Alert to ensure member firms continue to receive topical international news as well as updates on individual firms and successful referrals and partnering around the world. Key to this will be input from firms themselves. To fulfil this commitment, Praxity needs firms to submit case studies they would like to share. Please email these to Deborah Poulter, Praxity’s Head of Business Development, at

Fast access to information

We recognise the format of the Alert must allow fast access to concise and relevant news. Just 30 seconds should be all you need to scan the headlines if the format is correct, according to one respondent. However, a significant number of respondents would like the design to be tweaked to allow faster navigation, more responsive design for quick scrolling on phones and tablets, and easy to open links. Praxity communications team in London has just employed a new graphic designer, Jack Lloyd, who is working on improvements to the design and navigation of the Alert alongside Jamie Large our marketing administrator, so that professionals can access what they want as easily as possible.

When you want to be informed

Currently, the Alert is emailed to professionals within Praxity member firms every Saturday. Most respondents would like to continue with weekly updates although some prefer monthly or fortnightly updates. While Saturday is a popular day to receive the alerts, a slightly higher number of respondents would prefer Monday, while some are in favour of Friday. Based on this feedback, the Praxity team is looking at changing the date of issue to Monday and will continue to monitor user comments.

Get in touch

Praxity Executive Office would like to thank all respondents for their valuable feedback. While it’s impossible to please everyone all of the time, the Praxity team will endeavour to take on board member firm views as part of its mission to continually improve knowledge-sharing throughout the Alliance. If you have a successful case study to share with other firms in the Alliance, or you would like to comment on our communications, please phone Deborah Poulter on +44 1372 738190 or email