Meet Praxity’s new International Project Manager

Introducing Becky Belanger, the US-based accounting professional who will further enhance international collaboration within the Alliance.

Praxity empowers business globally. Our new International Project Manager, Becky Belanger, will help make it happen.

Praxity’s latest recruit, Becky Belanger, will be based at BKD offices in Houston, Texas, but her mission is truly global. As the Alliance’s new International Project Manager, she will play a key role in helping member firms connect and share expertise around the world. Originally from Kansas and previously working as an Audit Senior-in-Charge at KPMG, Becky will bring expertise across a broad range of disciplines and working styles to Praxity when she joins the Alliance on April 20. We caught up with her before the move to ask her about her new post.

How will you help Praxity grow? “I will be liaising with Praxity Executive Director Graeme Gordon and Chief Operating Officer Helen Jennings and having discussions with member firms to identify what they want to see from the Alliance. I will be assisting member firms by providing tools to help them find solutions for their client goals. With my background in audit, I will be expanding audit training and conferences, and working with committees to understand what content they want to see at these conferences. In addition, my role will involve progressing initiatives from various Praxity committees such as the Praxity Audit Committee (PAC), Global Tax & Fiscal Steering Committee, North American International Tax Committee, International Mergers & Acquisitions Committee and Financial Advisory Services (FAS) group.” What else can you do for member firms? “I will help expand Praxity member firms’ technical skills database, looking for areas of expertise and spotting opportunities for implementation and improvement. My role will also touch on thought leadership and aggregation, best practice sharing and innovation, and providing insight on how firms are performing.” What would you like firms to do? “If any member firms have ideas for new initiatives, I would love to hear from them! Please reach out to me on from April 20 with ideas and feedback regarding Praxity projects and tools.” What attracted you to Praxity? “I really like the idea of working with multiple firms with different degrees of growth and providing a bridge to bring people together at an international level. The Alliance itself provides this bridge to help member firms around the world access the resources they need, and I am excited to be a part of it.” What experience do you bring? “The clients I’ve worked for through KPMG have been varied in terms of styles of management, projects, deadlines and sectors, including energy, insurance, healthcare, and technology. I was one of 28 audit seniors and managers chosen nationally for a rotation programme for transaction-based audits. Within the programme, I was a senior in-charge for two audits for initial public offerings in New York and San Diego, which were exciting opportunities to help clients through a critical period in their firm. In my most recent role, I was an audit senior in-charge for a ‘Fortune 100’ company. How do you relax? “I love to travel. In college, I studied abroad in Edinburgh and Paris. Last summer, I performed audit walkthroughs in Europe and spent a week in Munich and Vienna. At home, Houston has a lot of traffic and so to relax in the car I listen to podcasts like Stuff You Should Know, Hidden Brain, and Ted Talks. In my free time, I enjoy tennis and playing the piano and guitar.” It’s great to have you on board! “Thanks. I am looking forward to helping the member firms achieve their goals.”

To contact Becky, please email: from April 20th