Help for member firms in challenging times

As nations ramp up the response to COVID-19, firms need more support than ever. Praxity is here to help.

These are challenging times. By obtaining support through Praxity, member firms will be better placed to adapt.

Praxity’s mission to empower business globally has never been more important. As the COVID-19 pandemic escalates, it is changing the way we live and do business. The spread of the virus, and the nature and scale of the response from governments, has taken many people by surprise. This has naturally led to anxiety, confusion and concern. However, the pandemic has also demonstrated how humans have an incredible ability to adapt to adversity – as we have seen in Spain and Italy in recent weeks, with impromptu singalongs and fitness sessions undertaken from balconies to respect new rules on social distancing.

A similar spirit of rallying together drives Praxity forward.

With this in mind, Praxity Executive Office would like to take this opportunity to urge member firms worldwide to contact our friendly, supportive team here in the UK if you need help with anything. Apart from the wealth of opportunities to share knowledge and expertise within the Alliance, we know that sometimes you might just need a little help. If you would like help in any way, please contact the team on 01372 738190 or email

Social distancing versus social isolation

Social distancing does not mean social isolation. It means finding different ways to socially interact. Find out how in the latest blog by Praxity Executive Director Graeme Gordon.