Homeworking: how to protect your data

Eight ways for homeworkers to defend against cyberattack during the Covid-19 crisis

To minimise the risk of attack, cybersecurity experts at Praxity member firm VBR Brazil, have compiled eight tips for working at home safely. They recommend:

Set your computer to automatically lock after it has been left idle. Select the shortest time possible as the default setting.

Manage two separate mailboxes – one for work and one for private activity.

Do not connect to a random wifi network that is not secure. Connect via VPN (virtual private network) or cellular network. If you can only connect from the home wifi network, check that the network is private and that a complex password is set that isn’t the manufacturer's default and has not been used in another account in your possession.

Define automatic software updates in the operating system and the different software installed on the computer. Also, define its frequency.

Check that updated (and enabled) antivirus and firewall software is installed on the home computer.

Be vigilant against phishing – attempts by malicious individuals or groups who scam users with emails or web pages designed to extract money or information. Inform the company's IT department about any suspicions.

It is mandatory to inform the company's IT department of any abnormal and suspicious events identified while connected to the company system.

Further information These recommendations are based on an article by Lilian Lambert, Partner in Risk Advisory at VBR Brazil, published on March 30: https://vbrbrasil.com.br/dicas-fundamentais-ao-trabalho-seguro-em-casa-durante-a-crise-do-covid-19/