IAB World Survey Results


12th year of consecutive growth

Full year results 2018

Combined global revenue

US$5.83 billion


Praxity retains


IAB Association ranking

US$ 2018

% of total fee income

% increase

Regional Revenue Ups and Downs

US$ 2017 vs 2018

% increase

Robust Global Representation

An Alliance with a purpose, Praxity firms together:

Gordon Krater says:

“We are very pleased with Praxity’s growth and the incredible success of our member firms as they team up to serve clients’ global needs.

“Investment in networking and communication tools and launching new technology solutions to facilitate global knowledge sharing – combined with a clear new branding and Praxity purpose – will continue to cement our position as the world’s largest and best alliance of independent accounting and consulting firms.”

Benchmarking Against the Best

Only data from the named member firm or the exclusive member firms within an organisation is included.

*Data relating to correspondent and equivalent member firms is not included.

Source: International Accounting Bulletin

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