Praxity welcomes new member firms in Chile and Puerto Rico

Association of the Year Praxity Global Alliance has recruited two new members to its global collaboration of independent accounting firms.

The addition of the highly respected Puente Sur in Chile and MD CPA in Puerto Rico extends Praxity’s international reach deep into Latin America. Membership of Praxity gives independent accountancy firms around the world an opportunity to connect with likeminded firms in different jurisdictions to share expertise and help clients meet their business goals.

The two new members provide an extensive range of accounting and local knowledge in regions where the Alliance has traditionally been less represented. Santiago-based Puente Sur employs 100 staff and specialises in tax, accounting, payroll and administrative solutions and support to foreign investors in Chile. The firm provides a proactive service to allow clients to efficiently comply with local regulations including maintaining expats in Chile and navigating the local banking system.

Opportunity to develop relationships

Ignacio Gepp, Tax Partner at Puente Sur, said the opportunity to develop international relationships through Praxity while retaining the firm’s independence was a deciding factor in applying to be a Praxity affiliate. “Puente Sur has been developing an identity of its own for over 27 years, and thrives on building business and friendly relationships all over the world. We believe respecting different identities and encouraging the development of trust through new relationships is the bread and butter of Praxity, which is why the choice of this Alliance was so clear.

“In joining Praxity, we believe that a new chapter begins wherein cross-border capabilities and opportunities, both for our clients, friends, and staff will become a tangible reality. This Alliance is Puente Sur’s gateway to a true multi-jurisdictional experience, one that we expect will give our business partners the reach that they deserve,” Ignacio said.

Balanced global representation

Praxity has also strengthened its coverage in the Caribbean with the addition of MD CPA, based in Puerto Rico. Headquartered in San Juan, the firm provides accounting, audit, consultancy and tax services.

The addition of two new members means Praxity now consists of 54 independent firms in 119 countries. Together, they employ more than 65,000 people.

Exciting time

The firms join the Alliance at an exciting time in its history. Praxity has just been named Association of the Year for the fifth time in the Digital Accountancy Forum Awards. Praxity’s International Project Manager Becky Belanger won Young Accountant of the Year and former CEO Graeme Gordon won a Lifetime Achievement Award for his role in developing Praxity into the world’s leading alliance.

The success of the Alliance is largely a result of its exclusive membership policy. This forms part of a strategy to restrict membership to a select group of quality firms together rather than simply growing member numbers. Thus, new members must meet strict criteria to join the Alliance, including consistently high-quality service provision, shared values and a commitment to international collaboration.

On behalf of Praxity by Ian Lavis thewritingroom