Have you heard about Praxity Champions?

Praxity has launched a pilot scheme to appoint Champions in each member firm to streamline communications across the Alliance.

The Champions will provide a bridge to expertise within their firm to fast-track connections, increase awareness of Praxity initiatives and improve responsiveness.

Launched in 2021, the pilot currently involves 11 firms of various sizes in different jurisdictions. If successful, the plan is to extend the scheme to all firms within the Alliance.

Becky Belanger, Praxity’s International Project Manager, says: “Our main goal is to better serve the Alliance by streamlining communications, especially relating to marketing and learning and development. Our hope is that Praxity Champions will serve as a bridge to connect accounting professionals with the right contacts within their firms and help push initiatives and resources to the relevant people. We plan to use feedback from these individuals to improve our responsiveness to the needs of our member firms.”

She added: “We would like to reassure member firms that Praxity will continue to operate with its various working groups, regional chairs, Management Board, Membership Committee and Governing Council. The Champions will have a supportive role as a type of concierge to better connect professionals within member firms.”


Praxity Champions will help streamline the process of providing information to member firms. They will also simplify the process of multi-firm collaboration.

Key benefits include:

  • Stronger communication base
  • Deeper knowledge of Praxity initiatives and opportunities
  • Better knowledge-sharing
  • Raised profile of member firm activities and achievements

Individuals appointed as Praxity Champions will gain access to international learning opportunities and exposure to a wide array of firms and people in the industry. Each Champion can help their firm become more connected to the Praxity community and the Alliance’s resources.

Greater client focus

There are three main objectives:

  1. Disseminate Praxity updates through appropriate company channels
  2. Facilitate member firm’s marketing for conferences, training and other initiatives
  3. Provide feedback and help identify individuals for Praxity initiatives where relevant

While these objectives may or may not be performed directly by the Champion, the individual should be able to communicate, oversee, and respond so that the objectives can be met.

For example, a firm may require certain members of management to handle appointees for Praxity Working Groups. In this case, Praxity would rely on the Praxity Champion to inform the appropriate management team and communicate their decision to Praxity.

Roadmap for 2022

The pilot will run throughout 2022 with regular meetings between participants to discuss ways in which the Champions can work more effectively and improve connections. These meetings will provide an opportunity to discuss:

  • Praxity tools and initiatives
  • Focus group topics
  • Specific areas where help is needed between meetings
  • Ideas from the Champions on how to be responsive

Becky explains.The role of Praxity Champion is voluntary.

“We want these meetings to be informative but also collaborative, so we are dedicating time to allow for the Champions to bring forward their firm’s initiatives as well,”

For more information, please contact executiveoffice@praxity.com

On behalf of Praxity by Ian Lavis thewritingroom